The P29 Universal Mask For Sports

Our P29 Universal Mask is the preferred face mask for professional and amateur sports people alike. Perfect for all types of training including Boxing, Running, Cycling and Weight Training.

Easy Breathe

The ergonomic design allows for cooler fresher breathing making work-outs so much easier. Stay safe. stay active!


Made with a super lightweight material and foam surround, the P29 mask is perfect for long workouts.

Odour Free

The antibacterial material, combined with the easy breathing, prevents odour from building up inside the mask.

p29 sports mask

P29 Universal Mask – 2 Layer

sports mask - P29

If you are training in a group or even with a few people, it is recommended to wear a mask. Many athletes dislike the idea until they try the P29 Universal Mask.

Best mask for sports

Wearing a regular mask can cause more than a few issues. A tightly fit mask can restrict breathing, and the build up of moisture inside the mask can make for a very unconfortable experience!

best mask for gym workouts

The P29 Universal solves all these issues in one! Easy breathe material, odour and moisture free, and better yet a copper coating to help protect you from bacteria and viruses!

Breathable mask for cycling

Get back to the gym and train with confidence. We love to hear from athletes who wear our mask so please get in touch below for some discount vouchers for you and your team mates.

Breathable sports mask for boxing

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